was created in order to write, produce and  

  promote inspirational scripts that educate, 

  entertain and enlighten.

        Laight Street Films

Gwyn Gilliss, creator of Laight Street Films is an actress, writer and producer. She studied theater at Carnegie-Mellon and began her career in New York successfully appearing  on and off Broadway, in classical productions in Repertory Theatre as well as in several Emmy nominated and contract roles in Daytime and Primetime TV. When she began her writing career, she focused mainly on whimsical and comedic projects producing numerous pilots, episodics and short films.

  Her favorite genres include: legal dramas, fantasy sci-fi, magical comedy-adventures, medical dramedies,  espionage series, urban romances as well as her new pilot, a "boomedy" for the over 60, Hot Air.  Recently shot and/or in different stages of development are : Fun at St. Agnes, N.Y.J.D., Spycraft, U.E.S., Raunchy, Manhattan Stories and most recently the HBO style pilot, Bloggers (new working title, SCORN) . Her whimsical trailer for the feature, Fairytale was shot in the South of France prior to it's screening at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky

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