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Toujours (Always)

Screenwriter:  Gwyn Gilliss


Genre:  Romantic Comedy (episodic)


Log Line

With huge cultural differences how can the daughter of nouveau riche Houstonites and the son of

Parisian high society make their relationship work? Love is the answer.


Modern Family” meets “Two Days in Paris



Melinda is a southern gal studying abroad who meets the love of her life, Kristoffe.  Having moved in together on a peniche (barge) on the Seine they see their relationship as a great adventure until they have to contend with the parents. Kristoffe is from Parisian high society. His titled father from ancient French aristocracy is actually easy-going, but his mother is appalled at the idea of her beloved boy marrying some gauche American. Mel’s parents are worried that she'll marry into a snobbish family that'll turn their nose up at them—After all, Nancy Jean was definitely from the wrong side of the tracks or trailer park before marrying Mel's father and becoming a Trophy Wife-Mom. However, they aren't from some one-horse town. Her Dad is a wealthy Houston business man with a trump card- a ranch next to the Bush family. While the sets of in-laws discover they have a lot more in common than they thought, the about- to- be- newlyweds are just discovering their Franco-American conflicts and the power of love to overcome them.



Screenwriter: Gwyn Gilliss


Genre:  Romantic C​omedy (film)


Log Line

Cream Puff, a romantic comedy is about the love of a pastry chef for his adored wife as they

indulge in their passion-pastries and sex.


Comparison : "Chocolat” and “Babette’s Feast



It's a match made in Heaven. Antoine adores his very voluptuous wife, Ceci and she adores him as they daily indulge their passion in sensual and sexual pleasures involving spicy food, rich pastries and chocolate. All is perfect in the Garden of Eden until a snake, Hiram, the town's tattoo artist steals Ceci's heart while tattooing one on her bum. After they run away together, Antoine is heartbroken. He acts out his pain by refusing to bake anything except cream puffs (his pet name for Ceci) with which he assaults everyone. Dogs, old people and even children become victims of his vicious resentment and violent missiles but no macaroons, sour dough loaves, tarts, wedding cakes or croissants appear from his oven!  They arrest Antoine and he languors in jail preparing to die of grief. But life in this Southern Louisiana town has come to a halt without the baker's specialties. Deprived of their daily bread, the townsfolk order the sheriff to form a posse to go after the errant spouse now betrayed by her lover and stranded miles from home in a run down motel. Determination knows no bounds as they catch up with Ceci, bring her to her senses and convince Antoine to take her back (and get back in the kitchen.) Pastries abound!


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Two uptown"City" girlfriends meet for a Friday afternoon glass of wine to share their gossip and dish on their sex lives downtown. One describes finding a hot , sexy guy at a Wall Street Bar..."wearing tight ripped jeans, not the usual Armani suit- and he was creative- a suffering artist type, not materialistic at all!- He let me buy all the beers!" she exclaims gleefully.

So, she invited him back to her apartment where they had phenomenal, dirty sex (pheromones and all) only to discover that he was homeless. 


Raunchy   an urban pilot

Fairy Tale


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