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   Screenwriter:  Gwyn Gilliss


   Genre:   Magical Realism (TV Episodic)


    Log Line

   From the mythical to the modern, Enraptured  (adapted from the classic Arabian tales, “One Thousand and One Nights”) tells a moral fable that parallels life in present day urban New York. The newly married Queen of Persia charms, delights and enraptures her King who besides being intriqued by her magical stories falls in love with her and spares her life.


Comparison: "Grimm” and “Once Upon a Time”



Set in King Shahryar’s luxurious 8th century palace, it could not be a more dangerous place and time for a woman to be alive. Every virgin in the kingdom has been recruited for the marriage bed of a tyranical, mean spirited and vengeful King Shahryar who repays their wedding vows with a swift execution at dawn in revenge for his first wife’s unfaithfulness. The only courageous woman left, the Vizier’s daughter, Scheherazade volunteers for the mission in order to re-educate her lord and master and change the conditions of women in the kingdom. By spinning tales that intrigue Shahryar with obvious role models she teaches him how to be a better husband, benevolent King and decent human being. A visionary with psychic abilities, Scheherazade relates what urban life will be like in future centuries. We see New York in this century described in the language of her day …”Lords and ladies traveling swiftly through the sky in crystal bubbles (helicopters), Royal yachts so huge they can convey entire kingdoms throughout the seven seas (Cruise ships), invisible forces moving carriages without horses or camels at the speed of light down roads made of shiny alabaster …” (The Long Island Expressway with thousands of cars). She is a talented story teller but more importantly, a great teacher as the King succumbs to her charms while re-assessing his faults all in the name of love. Each episode is a parallel to one of the original Arabian tales with a moral relevancy to today's world and the delightful appearance of the irreverent, bad ass geni who alternately grants wishes and destroys illusions. 


Haupt Air

Screenwriter:  Gwyn Gilliss


Genre:   Comedy (Boomedy) Episodic



Log Line

Two well intentioned but clueless boomers ditch their former lives as elite New Yorkers to return

to their "hippie" vision living on an organic vegetable farm in New Jersey while running a hot air

balloon business. 


Comparison: "Schitt's Creek”  and “Green Acres”



A Boomedy for the over-60’s, Hot Air is about two stubborn people- Elizabeth and Philip Haupt, perpetual "drop outs" who reinvent themselves every decade. They dropped out in the 70’s to protest injustice while backpacking around Europe smoking dope and wearing bell bottoms. They dropped out again in the 80’s to go to Ivy League grad schools as part of the “me” generation and again in the 90’s to become rich, successful urban professionals. Instead of retiring gracefully they go back to where they started,  protesting injustice. This time, though, they’ve given away all their worldly possessions, taken up organic gardening and run a hot air balloon business while lobbying all their old friends and associates to take up their social causes-climate change, solar energy, dolphin's rights ... Lizzie annoyingly alienates all her friends and old associates becoming known as a gasbag and Phil indulges a little too frequently in bourbon making their hot air balloon business a constant disaster-all to the  mortification of their adult children.

Once known as the “Martha Stewart” of Wall Street, Liz exits her lucrative merge fund giving away her designer clothes. Commercial Airline pilot, Captain Philip is gracelessly downsized from the friendly skies to soar in a new direction. They sell their Park Avenue Co-op, give away their Mercedes, cash in and move out to rural New Jersey.

Back to basics means living simply, not polluting the earth and crusading to make the world a better place- Phil and Liz’s new agendas. The only problem is they don’t have a clue on how to run their business and with Phil’s consistent consumption of alcohol, it’s a real feat keeping the balloon in the air. They’re aided by Henry Silver Cloud, a brilliant MIT trained engineer and full-blooded Cherokee between jobs who’s come on board to keep everything afloat.

Arriving from the south of France is Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret (Mags) a jet setter of the highest rank dining with Governors and Prime Ministers who’s come to save her sibling from a fate worse than death, wearing overalls. “Is it immoral to keep your Armani’s?” she asks.

A child of an old friend of the Haupts, Darrell Stuart,  who recently transitioned to Darlene joins the crew  as the co-captain and stewardess  on each  disastrous flight.











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